How to choose your soap

Our soaps are handmade to cleanse your skin and leave it feeling beautifully clean and soft. Picobello soaps are completely natural and have been created to appeal to everyone, with scents that are discreet and unisex. Some of us prefer to choose by scent, while others select by colour. What we always advise is that your soap scent should be understated, fading into the background so that it doesn’t interfere with your perfume or aftershave. I personally tend to choose my soap by season – a fresh, citrus smell for summer and more robust, earthy scent, such as juniper berry in the winter months.

“I have very sensitive skin and struggle with perfumed soaps, but yours has passed the test for me! Soft, gentle and smells lovely.” Georgia, Huddersfield

What goes into my soaps?

Essential oils, herbal powders, plant oils and local spring water is the simple answer. It’s a careful balance of ingredients that gives our soaps a unique scent, colour, texture and creamy lather. Handmade in our Yorkshire soap kitchen, Picobello soaps are 100% cruelty-free, free from palm oil and animal fats, suitable for vegans and are made from the finest ingredients, sourced locally.

Simply saponified to ensure your skin remains soft and silky, our soaps contain Yorkshire Rapeseed oil from Wharfe Valley Farms combined with organic virgin coconut oil, organic cacao butter and organic castor oil. Small batches are created by hand using a traditional cold process method with each bar curing for a minimum of six weeks to ensure a hard, long lasting soap.

“ The soap you gave me is so good. The texture is lovely and my hands feel so soft afterwards.” Maureen, Brighouse

Our packaging commitment

As a business we are committed to the environment around us. All of our soaps are packaged in the most eco friendly way possible in a bid to reduce plastic waste in the home. Our soaps are simply wrapped by hand in glassine paper, and delivered through the post using recycled and reuseable packaging. As our range grows, we will aim to find sustainable packaging solutions that ensure we can all make a positive contribution and reduce our plastic consumption.