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Dishwashing Soap



A fragrance free multi purpose dishwashing and household soap produced from saponified coconut oil. Our new multi purpose soap can be used to wash dishes, remove stains from laundry, as well as on sinks, tiles and other surfaces. Just rub your brush/ cloth on the soap block until it produces a lather. Made without palm oil, it’s vegan, non toxic and safe for septic tanks, plus the packaging is plastic-free.

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About Picobello Natural Soaps, Oils, Deodrants and Accessories

At Picobello, our journey began with a shift from medicine to a passion for crafting natural skincare. As a trained medical doctor fascinated by plant properties, I combined scientific knowledge with a love for handmade crafts, creating soaps, oils, and deodorants sourced from Yorkshire’s natural ingredients. Frustrated by chemical-laden skincare, I embarked on an alchemic journey in my kitchen, perfecting a soap formula that cleanses gently, leaving skin nourished.

What started as a personal pursuit blossomed into a commitment to traditional, chemical-free soaps. Sharing my creations with loved ones led to unexpected demand, prompting the birth of Picobello. While soap-making wasn’t my initial path, every business has its roots, and looking back, Picobello was always a possibility. Enjoy our soaps, designed to simplify skincare, leaving you to find the perfect match for your skin.