A range of 100% natural deodorant pastes, created with the principle ‘less is more’ in mind. Free from toxins, these balms allow your skin to breathe naturally. Hand crafted in Yorkshire, using high quality ingredients, the balms avoid single use plastic and come stored in a recyclable aluminium tin. Vegan and cruelty free, these deodorant balms are suitable for both women and men and have been developed to keep body odour at bay by suppressing bacterial growth (they do not act as a perfume or antiperspirant).


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Introducing Picobello Deodorants

Following my principle that ‘less is more’, I set out to develop a deodorant for men and women that is free from synthetic fragrances, preservatives, aluminium salts and other harsh chemicals. Stored in recyclable aluminium tin, these all-natural deodorants are kinder to skin and the environment. Made from babassu oil, a lightweight, odourless alternative to coconut oil, arrowroot powder, a natural alternative to talcum powder that absorbs moisture and eliminates toxins, bicarbonate of soda which deodorises by altering the acid PH of the underarm skin, and kaolin clay, a naturally occurring mineral clay traditionally used in skin care to absorb excess moisture.

How does the deodorant work?

The range has been developed to keep body odour at bay by suppressing bacterial growth which causes body odour. It doesn’t act as an antiperspirant that stops you from sweating which is, after all, a healthy bodily function that gets rid of toxins and regulates your body temperature.

If you have never used a natural deodorant before your armpits may take a few weeks to adjust. Some people can react to bicarbonate of soda by developing a mild itchy rash. If that happens, discontinue and switch to my formulation for sensitive skin (contains kaolin instead of bicarbonate of soda).

How do I apply the paste?

Take a small amount and warm it between your fingers, then simply massage into your armpit. Picobello deodorant paste is slightly powdery and flaky at room temperature, making it easy to apply.

How do I store the deodorant?

Keep it in a cool dark place. In warm weather, it can be stored in the fridge, just bring to room temperature before use. Don’t worry if it melts, its effectiveness will not be affected.

Is the deodorant vegan?

Yes it is vegan and has never been tested on animals.