A new range of natural oils created specifically for the face, body and when shaving to give your skin a treat. Simply massage the oils directly on to the face and body for skin that feels nourished, rejuvenated and revitalised. Made with jojoba oil to protect from external irritants.


Introducing Picobello Oils

Handmade in Yorkshire, these oils are based on my personal experience of treating my own skin. Formulated in such a way that they protect, restore and balance your skin metabolism throughout the day and night, they also help to reduce trans-epidermal water loss, nourishing the skin while helping to retain natural moisture.

The range is suitable for all skin types and is made from high quality plant oils with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Available for both the face and body, these oils help maintain the natural skin barrier, aid cell renewal and repair damaged skin by supporting the restoration of collagen and elastin. Essential oils such as lavender, palmarosa and rose geranium give a perfume to the oils but are also selected to benefit all skin types and conditions.

In order to protect the oils from deterioration through sunlight, each oil comes in a recyclable aluminium bottle which is also safer to handle in the bathroom. You may sometimes notice a distinct colour and odour to the oils, which occurs as a result of using unrefined and cold pressed vegetable oils.