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Clay Soap Dishes


Handmade clay soap dishes designed locally in Slaithwaite. Available in a range of shapes, including oval, round and square, each dish is made from terracotta and features a stunning glaze that makes each one unique. With drainage holes and raised ridges to help soap drain and dry effectively. Sourced from the Clay Mill in Slaithwaite, a vibrant community art workshop that aims to provide pottery classes to all ages and skill levels.

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About Picobello Natural Soaps, Oils, Deodrants and Accessories

At Picobello, our journey began with a shift from medicine to a passion for crafting natural skincare. As a trained medical doctor fascinated by plant properties, I combined scientific knowledge with a love for handmade crafts, creating soaps, oils, and deodorants sourced from Yorkshire’s natural ingredients. Frustrated by chemical-laden skincare, I embarked on an alchemic journey in my kitchen, perfecting a soap formula that cleanses gently, leaving skin nourished.

What started as a personal pursuit blossomed into a commitment to traditional, chemical-free soaps. Sharing my creations with loved ones led to unexpected demand, prompting the birth of Picobello. While soap-making wasn’t my initial path, every business has its roots, and looking back, Picobello was always a possibility. Enjoy our soaps, designed to simplify skincare, leaving you to find the perfect match for your skin.